I am a third year PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition at Texas A&M University-Commerce.  I received my BA from Texas A&M Commerce and my MA in 18th Century British Literature from Southern Methodist University.  I am currently the Director of the Writing Center at TAMU-C and before that was Assistant Director.  My dissertation topic researches how political and economic rhetoric are used to disenfranchise voters. The recent U.S. Presidential election with its rhetoric of the 47% and the “makers and the takers” reminds us how overly simplistic political rhetoric often masks deeper divisions and hatred in the country. After realizing that many of the students in my classes in the Fall had no intention of voting, I became convinced of  how important it is to get younger students engaged in the political process.

I have been a commentator for KERA 90.1 since 2001 and have guest blogged for Michael Musto’s Village Voice blog.  I have performed standup comedy at the Backdoor Comedy Club, improv comedy with “Chopped Liver” improv group at Ad-Libs, have performed at Pocket Sandwich Theatre and Dallas’s Mouth Theatre in their “Story+Stage+You” Story Slam Series.  I have also studied Medieval Literature at Kings College, University of London.  I have studied Meisner at Texas A&M University-Commerce, and have taken acting classes at KD Studio in Dallas, and with Susan Batson at Black Nexxus in New York.


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