The Paterno Family should just Let it Go

The Paterno Family should just Let it Go

I think we all can understand the Paterno family’s desire to rehabilitate the reputation of their dead father and disgraced head coach.  One has to wonder, at what point does it become clear to them that they should just let this whole fight to blame the NCAA for rushing to judgement go?  I can only imagine that when the NCAA goes to court to fight this lawsuit (and the one the Pennsylvania governor has filed), they will bring out even worse information about Paterno and Sandusky and the long relationship that allowed Sandusky to molest children, that will further damage or destroy what is left of Paterno’s reputation.  The Paterno family should feel fortunate that their father died before he could possibly be sent to prison for being an accessory to child rape.


Family Diary

This video also works with archives but personal, family archives. It’s a little shorter than the Kennedy piece



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