Acting Resume


Height: 6’3”

Weight” 200

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Light Brown


Commentator, KERA 90.1 Dallas, TX

“Unrelenting”, April 15, 2010

“Made Redundant”, March 8, 2010

Breaking My Facebook Addiction”, August 28, 2009

“Corporate Doublespeak”, March 26, 2009

“Life Lessons from my Father” January 9, 2009

“Radio for Pay”, April 4, 2007

“The Class of 1985”, November 9, 2005

“True Personal Responsibility”, July 8, 2005

“The Governor’s Plan”, June 28, 2005

“The Danger of Apathy”, March 31, 2005

“Fa La La La La”, December 22, 2004

“Log Cabin Fever”, September 10, 2004

“Saying Goodbye to the Gipper” June 10, 2004

“My Mum” May 7, 2004

“Polls?  Who Needs Them?” January 15, 2004

“Gay Independence Day” July 22, 2003

“Spy Parents” July 3, 2003

“Slow News Day” March 6, 2003

“Rethinking our Space Priorities” February 11, 2003

“Gay Pride?” September 23, 2002

“Family Diary” July 11, 2002

“Father’s Day” June 14, 2002

“Right Speech” April 26, 2002

“The Mayoral Race, January 17, 2002

“9-11-01” September 18, 2001

“The Cuervo Center” August 29, 2001


Pocket Sandwich Theatre                        Zorro—The Legend Lives              Don Antonio

Ad-Libs                                                Chopped Liver Improv                        Various Roles

Mouth Theatre                                    Story-Stage-You Story Slam            Storyteller

Backdoor Comedy Club                        Standup Comic                                    Self


Stage Acting                                                Black Nexxus New York                        Susan Batson

Adlibs Improv                                    Level I and II                                                Chad Cline

Intro to Acting                                    KD Studio, Dallas, TX

Meisner                                                 Level 1                                                Carrie Klypchak

SPECIAL SKILLS:  Vocalist (tenor), Instruments: Piano, Trumpet, French Horn, Improv Comedy, Standup Comedy, Tennis, Cycling/Spinning, Running, Swimming, Golf, Drive Stick Shift, Yoga, Weightlifting, Drive Tractor, Horseback Riding



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