They’re going to go Completely Bonkers

If (When) President Obama is re-elected, it will be a clear vote against the status quo, the old rich white man running everything way we have conducted politics for the last 236 years.  And when this happens, the rich, Koch brother types, conservative people in this country (as well as the huge number of racist redneck voters who continue to vote against their best interest when they vote repube) are going to go apeshit crazy.  While I want the president to win, and I think a Romney presidency would be the absolute worst thing for this country, I am also afraid that if the president does win, someone may assassinate him.  They will not be able to stand the fact that he will be in power.  It frightens me, because you think about transformational politicians of the last half century.  JFK-Killed…Martin Luther King JR. Killed…Bobby Kennedy-Killed.  The powers that really run this country, the military industrial complex, the corporate interests, the oil companies, will not stand for their will to be overturned.

I know this sounds really conspiracy theory, but there is a dark underbelly in this country and I’m afraid it’s going to show itself soon.


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