Sorry They got Caught

Republicans all over the country have been calling for Todd Akin to get out of the race for U.S Senator from Missouri.  This has to be the biggest turn around in political party policy ever!  The problem with all the republicans calling for Akin to stand down is that the majority of them completely agree with everything Todd Akin stands for…they are not sorry for the content of what he said…they’re sorry he got caught saying it out loud.

The religious right republican party idea about rape and abortion is, if you have been raped, you have probably done something to bring it on yourself…wearing suggestive clothing, going out and getting drunk at a bar, walking to your car in a dark parking lot.  Good Christian upstanding women don’t get raped.  So if you get raped and get pregnant, well, that’s just too bad because you need to carry the spawn of the demon who raped you for 9 months, forever being reminded of the fact that you were obviously doing something you shouldn’t have and got in trouble.  In the larger discussion about personhood or abortion, there can be no retreat from the idea that there should be no abortion because, quite frankly, the republicans are more about controlling people’s sex lives than they are about protecting unborn babies (as most of the unborn they are trying to protect, those of poor women or african american women, will get little or no support once they actually draw breath).

I had a republican tell me one time when I asked how she could reconcile the idea that if her daughter got raped, the republicans would force her to carry the baby to term.  She said, “She could always get a DandC (or however you spell it)”  Unfortunately, the republican party platform would not allow for any type of protection against a pregnancy after rape, including the morning after pill which would only keep a pregnancy from happening in the first place.

Todd Akin needs to stay in the race…the republicans need to dance with the ones who brung them…they shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind their regret that they got caught telling the truth about themselves.


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