Chic Fil Hate

this whole Chic Fil A thing has just depressed me.  First of all, some of my best memories growing up are of my sister, Mom and I going to Tyler to shop at the Broadway Square Mall.  We would always say we were going to eat somewhere other than chic fil a, but every time we would walk by and it would smell so good we would end up eating there anyway.  A few years ago, I worked for the advertising agency in Dallas that handles Chic Fil A.  In fact a friend of mine was one of the creators of the cow ads (which I think have run their course but they keep flogging them on us).  Then I heard that Chic Fil A had been donating to anti gay and gay reparative therapy groups.  I decided not to eat there anymore after that.

Then one day last year, I was in Dallas about to meet my sponsor, and was hungry.  I thought I would try the chic fil a at the corner of Northwest Highway and Skillman in the new shopping center there.  I thought, “What could one chicken sandwich hurt?”  As I sat down to eat, I noticed several managers sitting at a table talking to a young African American woman.  I overheard the managers saying things like “you are always absent and you didn’t call in the other day when you were going to be absent blah blah blah”  It was almost as though they were hectoring her; they just wouldn’t let it go.  Now, I have managed in a retail situation before, and I understand that there is a huge turnover in those jobs, mainly because they don’t pay much.  When an employee no showed/no called, the next time they came in, we would just quietly tell them they were fired and allow them to leave.  But this group of managers seemed to be hell bent on humiliating this girl.  Then, as she walked out with her boyfriend, the boyfriend got angry because, turns out, she was pregnant.  He was white, she was black, they weren’t married, she was pregnant.  I can just imagine what the good Christian company thought of that.  The managers ended up calling the police because they were afraid the boyfriend was going to go fed on them I guess.

I ended up writing a letter complaining about what I had seen, the manager sent me an email apologizing.  But what I also noticed that day was how unhappy all the other employees of that restaurant looked.  They looked like dogs who had been kicked over and over and were cowed down.  Even if I could stand their political and religious stance, I can’t financially support a company that treats its people like shit.

so those of you who ate at chic fil a Wednesday, enjoy your shit sandwiches…


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