Emerging Tiger

Tiger Woods is back. I’ve been seeing him in commercials for Nike/Golfsmith that you can win a round of golf with Tiger if you enter some contest…I didn’t really pay much attention to it…I was fascinated by watching what must be one of the first commercials featuring him since his wife took a golf club to his Escalade and he wrecked it in an Ambien haze trying to get away from her. Tiger also just won his first Master’s tournament in two or three years. I wonder if the tail wagged the dog in this situation? Did Golfsmith have the ad ready for when he won his first major tournament? Or did the ad coming out give him the confidence that helped him win? I could probably do some research and find that out but I would prefer to just think about it…

I’ve never been a fan of Tiger Woods; actually, I never really thought much about him. I think the only thing more boring than playing golf is watching golf being played. I will admit that it was a car wreck moment watching his life fall apart…I didn’t want to, but it was just too fascinating to watch such a manufactured persona fall apart because of a predilection for cocktail waitresses and pole dancers.
Now I’m not one to begrudge someone a way to make money. God knows Tiger probably has a big child support and alimony nut to cover each month. I just wonder if the particular Tiger shark has been jumped? Has he lost his relevance? Is he going to change the way he interacts with the media and his fans, becoming less reserved and more available for interviews that are real interviews and not love fests?
But America loves a second act and maybe this is Tiger’s.

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