Fuck Chic Fil’A

I wrote this email to chic-fil’a or however the fuck you spell it today after a horrible experience in their store yesterday…I should have known better than to go into that place…no chicken sandwich is worth having that bullshit intrude into my life.

I normally don’t eat at Chic fila because of your funding of anti-gay hate groups, but yesterday I had a weak moment and stopped at the new store at Skillman and Northwest Highway. One table over from me there was a meeting going on between what looked like four managers (white and hispanic) and an African American associate. Most of the conversation I coulnd’t hear, but eventually one of the white guys began discussing her situation loudly, saying that she had no showed, no called on Saturday and how he had been working since he was 14 years old and how she needed to get a better work ethic. The hispanic lady was telling her that she thought she would have been able to do the job, etc. It was very uncomfortable to listen to all that. I felt bad for the girl as it seemed they were ganging up on her, with the final result that they obviously fired her. I have been a manager before and had people no show no call and when that happens, you don’t sit them down in front of four managers and hector them to death before you fire them. You simply tell them when they walk in the next time that they are terminated. There was a big hint of unspoken racism in the way they dealt with that young lady. Then as she left the store her boyfriend said, very loudly, that it was funny that they were firing her after they found out she was pregnant. Then the white guy who had been the worst at hectoring her and berating her called the police because the couple didn’t leave the parking lot fast enough. I will have to say that I will absolutely never again eat at a chic fila. The employees of that store looked like they were scared to death to even speak and they all looked completely miserable. I am a writer and a commentator for a local radio station and I am going to do everything I can to make sure none of my family or my 800 facebook friends ever eat at Chic fila again. When you have a company that is led by sick religious right wing nut cases that pathology obviously trickles down to the local management.

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