Fed up

I don’t know why, but the movie United 93 is in rotation on Cinemax this week. I watched it yesterday and it was disturbing. I cried a little yesterday when the movie ended. I watched part of the movie today and at the end I started getting mad instead of sad. I thought about how chaotic the whole system for altering the authorities that there were hijacked planes, and how those people on the planes were sitting ducks, victims not only of the hijackers but of our lax security systems. At that time, most airports or airlines contracted their own security from independent contractors. Essentially rent-a-cop mall cop types were the first (and last) line of defense against the terrorists.

But what really pissed me off was something that wasn’t shown in the movie, how George W. Bush ignored warnings that Al Queda was planning to use airplanes in attacks on the country. George W was too busy cutting brush in Crawford to make sure that the FBI and the airlines and whoever else could have acted had the information to act. And I kept thinking about how, if a Democrat had been in office, how the reaction by the republicans would have been. I mean, they tried to blame the 9-11 attacks on Clinton even though he’d been out of office for 9 months. Can you imagine the shit we as Democrats would still be eating from Republicans if Al Gore had been in office when this happened? And they seem to still get a pass on this and on Iraq. For these two decisions alone they should not be allowed to be in power for another generation.

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