Assorted Hangers On

Okay, I hate to admit this, but I’m watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians…it shows just how bored I am…but this whole show has been devoted to whether Jonathan Cheban is gay or not…well, if you have never watched any of the Kardashian shows, this is Kim’s BFF who has essentially rode her coattails to minor celebrity. He has had too much plastic surgery and has no discernable talent except the ability to plan parties. Here he is…you be the judge:

So anyway, there’s all this brouhaha about whether he’s gay. Kim doesn’t know because obviously whenever they’ve been together, Kim hasn’t let Jonathan talk about himself because she’s so self involved. He says he’s never been in love which Kris, rightly thinks, means the guy is gay and isn’t okay with being gay…Who really cares…what I gather from this is a: Kim takes her friends side over her husband’s and b: well, I like Kris Humphries more and more because he sees the absurdity of the whole Kardashian lifestyle.
And about whether Jonathan Cheban is gay…I will quote what I heard in high school one time: He might not suck on it, but he’d damn sure put it in his mouth!

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