WTF News Stories of 2011

Yeah, I’m a little late with this, but better late than never…here are the top news stories of 2011 that made me go “WTF?”

“Lost” Actor Marries 16 year old”
Fifty-One year old actor Doug Hutchinson married 16 year old aspiring starlet Courtney Stoddard. Despite the inherent creepiness in a 51 year old marrying a 16 year old, when I saw them in an interview and learned they were shopping a reality show around, I became really excited. They embody what reality television should be all about…botoxed older guy, slightly crazy younger woman who makes funny facial gestures because she thinks that’s “acting.” Of course I wanted to ask the defenders of marriage if this was the type of traditional marriage they’re trying to protect.
“Kim Kardashian Kashes In”
Again with the marriage theme, Kim Kardashian and her not black enough obviously husband earn about $2,000 per minute they are married, if one figures in the reputed amount of money she earned for her 4 hour reality show wedding. My question, am I the only one who saw a problem with this union as early as the trip to Bora Bora? Kim seems like a neurotic diva who can’t sleep in a room that’s too open, gets mad when she wears a $50,000 earring in the ocean and loses it, and overall is just sort of demanding and not fun to be around. I guess it’s difficult carrying that whole family around on that booty.
“Michelle Bachmann fill in the blank”
The mere fact that a religious fanatic like Michelle Bachmann is considered a serious political contender just shows how far down the Republican party, and our nation has gone. With her ex-gay husband, who, when he speaks 50 yards of chiffon flows out of his mouth, runs an ex-gay ministry and her continually bringing up that she has fostered 23 children, and her desire to bring the nation back to the good old days, circa 1955, prior to Brown v. Board she is a danger to everyone who wants to see the country progress out of the 20th century and into the 21st. Although she is obviously smart (she received a law degree from William and Mary) she does everything she can to dumb down her talking points. Bachmann and her cohort, Rick Santorum (check out ) are a danger to the freedoms we enjoy, because they believe they are so righteous that they can tell the rest of us how to live our lives. And she has lowered my opinion of William and Mary university.
That’s all…

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