Plans for the Holiday

So one of the reasons I have chosen to teach college is because I get a month off at Christmas and a month off in May/June. In reality, because I will probably be working some next week, and the second week of January will be when we’re gearing up for the next semester, I actually have about 2 weeks off. Other than catching up on bad TV (actually, that’s a lie because I watch bad TV even during school) I have a list of things I am going to do this break…

Learn how to knit. I don’t know why I feel the need to knit, mainly it’s because I want to have something to do with my hands while I’m doing other things because I’m obsessive compulsive and other than being on my phone all the time. One of my former teachers here in Commerce is going to give me lessons and i’m super excited…
Catch up on my reading. I have already bought three books I’m planning on reading while i’m off. Tinsel by Hank Stuever about the commercialization of Christmas and focused on the town of Frisco where my sister lives (plus Hank Steuver is hot and I am going to cyber stalk him a little bit). Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. I’m not a huge Franzen fan but I heard an interview with him about the book on Fresh Air a couple of months ago and it sounded really good. And Middlemarch because I have a standing tradition of reading that book every year…usually I read it in August but I didn’t have time this August.
Upload a collection of my essays to Amazon. I’ve been working on a group of my commentaries from KERA, writing introductions that provide a bit of context and describe how my views have changed from when I wrote it originally. I love the idea of self-publishing on Amazon…I’m hoping maybe if I get good response from this it will give me the impetus to actually write a book…and of course I’m always hoping I will be “discovered.”
Re-Write my CV and teaching philosophy. I’m desperate to get out of Commerce when my time as Assistant Director of the Writing Center is over. I’m hoping to teach at SMU as a lecturer or one of the community colleges in Dallas, somewhere I can work in addition to my work at TAMU-C so I won’t have to work at the Pottery Barn again, although I’m not too good to do that again either!!
Clean my house top to bottom and edit my clothes. I need to totally clean, rearrange my house and get rid of some stuff in my house…
My friend Greg said don’t forget to breathe…

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