Khloe is Koming to Town

Dallas is all a flutter with the news that Lamar Odom, better known as the other half of Khloe and Lamar on the E-Network, are coming to town. The Dallas Morning News blogger Rand Duren misquoted some of her Tweets saying she was not thrilled but not about the move, when actually her tweet was about the new Twitter format. Way to excel at journalism DMN. Then some fashion blogger from the same paper, Kyle Kearbey (where do these people get these names?) asks the pressing questions of whether now that Khole with a K is coming to town, will Dallas get a DASH store? I asked the same question on my Facebook page, but as a joke, because I couldn’t imagine anything Dallas needs less than another store to sell clothes from a bunch of fat gypsies. All this brouhaha about a family whose only claim to fame is that one of their family members took it from behind on a video tape…oh, and their father hid O.J.’s bloody clothes in that Louis Vuittion suitcase he carried out of the house that day.

These women have no discernible talent, have done nothing for the world except try to make a buck out of being famous for being famous, and, from watching their show, have notoriously bad taste in men (except maybe for Khloe, because Lamar does seem like a nice enough guy and pretty level headed considering what he married into). The whole Kardashian phenom has just been so blown out of proportion, ending in the hopefully shark jumping 72 day sham marriage of Kim to Kris Humphries. One can only hope that the Kim-Kris show is the beginning of the end of this “empire.”
I don’t hate Khloe Kardashian-Odom; I hate the idea of Khloe Kardashian. While other actors struggle to make ends meet, these reality show “stars” shoot to the top of the A-list and make millions of dollars just for showing up at clubs and by putting their name on a perfume. They perpetuate the myth that with the right sort of marketing, the right clothes, the right friends, one can become rich, and more importantly, famous. Few people begrudge people like George Clooney or Brad Pitt or even Angelina Jolie with her wife stealing, blood vial wearing ways, their fame because they are also (except perhaps for Ms. Jolie) talented. They have a certain degree of talent that they have parlayed into fame and fortune, and more importantly, they use that fame to help others. The sort of breathless wonderment that writers, including the ones mentioned above, focus on these ragtag people only feeds into their inherent narcissism.
One can only hope that Khloe won’t spend much time in Dallas and that we won’t have to see her and her bootylicious sisters around town. Because all Dallas needs is another group of people who are all hat and no cattle.

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