Students who Surprise You

On Tuesday I had my English 100 students write at the end of class what they expected to get from the class that semester. I read over them yesterday before class and was really surprised at some of the responses they had. Of course most wrote that they wanted to be better writers, some students said they wanted to be able to revise better, to learn grammar rules…but some of them said they wanted to learn how to “write for college” which shows me they realize there is a different way to write in college than in high school. I was laboring under the impression that they were not always clear on that. One student though, brought up something that I had never thought of. She said she wanted to learn how to analyze and understand writing prompts. I had never thought about that as the first stage in the writing process. I always assumed that students could understand the prompts. So I am going to figure out how to help them do that…it sounds so simple but sometimes I get so focused on how to help students with organization etc that I forget to focus on the simple things!~


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