Fall 2011

I’m starting my second year of my PhD program at TAMU-Commerce. While I’m still the Assistant Director of the Writing Center, I’m also back in the classroom more teaching 4 lab sections, one 110 Reading/Writing lab with 63 students and 3 English 100 labs which have about 12 students. I am really glad to be back in the classroom…I have the best of both worlds, I am an administrator and a teacher at the same time…which I think will prepare me for when I get a job as I’ve heard that is what lots of new academics have to do…wear many hats.

My students in my labs are all first semester Freshmen…Some of the questions they ask are really cute, but they are questions I didn’t know when I went to college, like, “Can I write in the book” and “do I need to bring the book to class” One of the favorite questions I had in the Fall 2010 was a student who asked if they could leave class to go to the restroom…I asked the same question of my English teacher my first semester at college in 1985 and she humiliated me in front of the class essentially saying she didn’t care if I left class and not to ask her stupid questions. Exactly the type of English teacher I never want to become.

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