Flipped Out

I absolutely refuse to believe anyone can be as awful as Jeff Lewis from Bravo’s “Flipping Out” is. On the episode last night he yells at poor Zoila because she was late to work and wasn’t paying him the proper amount of respect (mainly she wouldn’t stand there and listen to his bullshit about there always being traffic in LA). I mean the woman cleans your house and washes the sheets that you and your boyfriend, who I call Nosegay, make nasty on you can cut her a little slack. Then he starts in on Sarah because she forgot to get some floor samples. I kept thinking, “Why doesn’t she just hop in the car and go get the samples if it’s that big of a tragedy.” Then he has his obligatory lunch with Jenny who seems to have escaped the loony bin this season…hopefully she’s doing more acting although if her rapping is any indication of her talents she should probably keep working in design.

Long and short of this whole show, Jeff Lewis is always right, everyone else is always wrong, in addition to compulsive disorder he is probably a narcissistic personality disorder (look it up, I know someone in Dallas and in New York who fit this diagnosis). Plus his “designs” all look the same…it’s that whole “gay aesthetic” with modern brown sofas, white walls, chrome tables and modern light fixtures. boring and dull and so over.

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