Happy Thoughts…WOMP WOMP

So I was watching a rerun of the “Golden Girls” last night (I guess they’re by definition all reruns since only one of the Golden Girls is still alive, shout out to Betty White). A subplot in the episode was that one of Sophia’s friends from her retirement home was being sent to “Sunny Pastures” which was a nursing home, and an awful one to hear Sophia talk about it, with crusty stuff on the floors and smelly. It suddenly hit me that I may be the person one day going to “Sunny Pastures” and that unless I make a boatload of money I will probably have to go to some awful nursing home if it comes to that! I suddenly saw my life 40 years from now and how awful it might be to have to go into the nursing home…Then I thought, “Well, if I just look at it like it’s going to college and living in the dorm then it might not be so bad.” But only if a nursing home has a guy next door who smokes pot all the time and a guy down the hall who always has beer in his fridge. OF course, I then thought “hey you’re way out in front of yourself here, hooker (I call myself hooker sometimes); maybe you can rein it in a little bit and don’t go worrying about going to the nursing home right now.” But I think I finally realized that, barring some unfortunate accident, I will most likely grow old and will have to deal with going somewhere…Oh this is just too depressing I will think about this another time

womp womp

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