The Week in Review 3-12-10

A new word joined the political sexual lexicon this week. Joining “Hiking the Appalachian Trail” and “Client 9” is “The Massa Massage” which seems to involve tickling, rubbing on ones head, and something they call a “snorkel” in the Navy caused Congressional Nut Job Eric Massa to resign. On a brighter note for Glenn Beck, there was finally someone on his show that was more of a nutcase than he is.

Howard Stern is at it again…Stern and his sidekick Robin Quivers said Gabourey Sidibe was too fat and too black to ever be cast in another Hollywood film. Drilling down through all the self righteous indignation this has elicited from people, what they said is unkind, but it’s true. How many big beautiful black women do you see in movies (Oprah and Tyler Perry don’t count). Hey, I’m not a casting agent but I watch movies and unless you’ve thrown everything you’ve eaten up in the last 10 years you’re not going to be cast opposite Taylor Lautner anytime soon. Of course, Stern and Quivers could have said it a more dignified way…or maybe they couldn’t have.
This just in, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spent 40 minutes tearing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for announcing new settlements this week while Vice President Joe Biden was in Israel for a visit. Bibi, you might want to watch yourself. Hillary has spent 40 years with Bill Clinton she’s not about to take any of your bullshit.

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