The Week in Review

The first week in March saw Dr. Strangelove’s Daughter take to the airwaves again, not only to lambast the Obama Justice department as some sort of fifth column intent on destroying American values (the values Cheney and his ilk support presumably) but also to pressure the justice department into giving names of attorneys who had previously represented detainees. To their credit, some conservatives said Liz Cheney’s actions were a bit over the top…Of course that seems too little too late. If this woman’s last name wasn’t Cheney (and if she hadn’t had her father get her a job in the Bush State Department) she would be a mid level manager at some second rate corporation just about now.

Rick Perry cruised to a win in the Texas Republican Primary, defeating Kay Bailey Hutchison and Tea Party Candidate and 9-11 truther Debra Medina. Just goes to show that the good ol’ boy mentality is alive and well in Texas, despite the urbanization of the state in the last 20 years. The only hope for Democratic nominee for Governor Bill White…Clayton Williams Redux…
Obama promises an “up or down vote” on healthcare reform, a vote which should have been taken about 5 months ago had the Dems had any balls. The whole bill this point has become so confusing that most of the old white men in Congress don’t even know what they’re voting for or against. The whole thing has been so mishandled from the beginning by Peolsi, Reid and Obama that, if they lose, they only have themselves to blame.
“Spring Breakers get Mexico Warning” The US State Department has warned Spring Breakers headed to South Padre Island not to go to Mexico, and if they do not to be caught there after dark. As someone who went to South Padre over Spring Break in 1988, one year before a UT student was kidnapped and murdered over there, I can tell you this warning is about 20 years past due.
Wingnut John Patrick Beddell shot two police officers at the Pentagon this week, just a few weeks after another wingnut flew his plane into an IRS building in Austin. When is the media going to take Fox News and the other right wing mouthpieces that encourage this type of behavior to task for drumming up this sort of thing?
Understatement of the week: From Apollo Ono who described Pam Anderson, one of the contestants on Dancing with the Stars, as “Top Heavy” Ya think?

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