This Illness was not Metaphoric

I’m rarely sick. So Saturday when I started getting a sore throat I thought it was just because I had been playing Mexican Train Dominoes late Friday night and carrying on in a loud voice. But then I kept feeling punky all day Saturday, even going so far as not to go to a meeting on Saturday. Sunday I went to the gym and that made me feel a little better…but by Monday I was in full on sickness mode. Went to see my doctor which should I should qualify with I went to see his PA who said it was “viral” infection and gave me antibiotics, and some codeine cough syrup. Still felt bad Tuesday, and Tuesday night I started running a fever, which I NEVER do. Tuesday night was awful, mainly because I kept waking up shivering, then I would get hot, then I would wake up shivering again. I’m finally feeling myself again this afternoon but I hate being sick. It reminds me that I’m human and subject to the whims and caprices of nature…and I don’t like that.


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