Strange How things Happen

So on January 29 I was laid off. Last week I thought I was going to be working for a mortgage company in Plano but that job didn’t work out (long story i’m not ready to go into) I was pretty upset about it and not really sure what I would do next. This morning I got up (after allowing myself to hide under the covers a while) went to the gym, then went to the bank and ran a couple of other errands. I then came home, got on the phone, applied for unemployment, and right about that time I got an email from a recruiting firm with a job prospect in Downtown Dallas. Then the recruiting firm I used to work for and that was helping me with the job in Plano called and offered me work making phone calls to prospective hires which I started working on today. I also got an email from my producer at KERA about a commentary he wants me to come in and record. I’m starting to think it will all be okay after all.


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