The Problem with Starbucks

Question: How can a banana be green and brown at the same time?

Answer: It can if it’s a banana from Starbucks that sells for .90 cents.

This is a good example of how Starbucks has lost its way in the last few years. I remember when the first Starbucks in Dallas opened at Knox Henderson and Highland Park Village in 1995. The country was still sort of enthralled with the whole Seattle Grunge scene and Starbucks seemed like a way to have a little coolness from the place that produced Kurt Cobain. I had never had a Mocha and that was the drink I always got at first, until I lifted the lid one day and saw the skim of fat on the top and got sort of sick. Then I got a non-fat no foam latte for a while until I got tired of paying for that and switched to the drip, which is what I drink today. Slowly Starbucks started bringing in food, which was okay when they had those really good, dense bran muffins which were awesome warmed up with a little butter. Now they have these ovens in their stores and are serving crap like egg mcmuffins and all sorts of stuff that just look unnastitary. Plus, the more time they spend on popping things into the oven the less time they have to pour my coffee (or brew it…sometimes it seems they don’t realize they need to keep ahead of the brewing). Not all of the Starbucks have this problem. The one on Oak Lawn is pretty on top of things. The one on Lemmon, they are usually fronting the “b team.” Yesterday I got an iced coffee that smelled like ass. It was gross (but I ended up drinking it anyway)

I think Starbucks has tried to be too many things to too many people. They were not always known for good coffee, but at least it was drinkable. Now with this new focus on food, the coffee is even worse. If I want an egg McMuffin I will go to McDonalds. If I want a banana i will go to Whole Foods and buy a pound for $1.49. if I want a donut I will…well, I probably don’t want a donut but you get my drift.

Write Starbucks Corporate and encourage them to improve their coffee and lose the ovens.

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