Things that make you go HMMMM

So all throughout the campaign for the Proposition 1 vote, the Dallas Morning News and the hotel supporters were assuring everyone that the hotel profitability was such a sure thing that the taxpayers would never be on the hook. Many of my friends argued with me that the bond holders would finance the thing, and that profits from the hotel would pay for the hotel and would service the bond payments. Now look at what Dave Levinthal of the Dallas Morning News is saying today, “While Dallas intends to fund the hotel’s construction with revenue bonds – which would be repaid by hotel users – Dallas’ general fund could ultimately subsidize the facility if it experiences sustained financial losses. ” Hmmm, you think now that the vote went their way the DMN is allowing the truth to come out? The same thing happened after the Trinity Tollway vote, Dallas voted for the tollway then the next day the DMN says, “Oh, by the way, it may not get built because the Corps of Engineers says it’s too dangerous. ” How gullible are the citizens of this city…pretty sad really.


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