Time Will Tell

To say I’m disappointed that the pro hotel forces won yesterday is an understatement.  But I’m really not surprised.  Dallas is a city filled with people who think progress comes at the end of a shovel and damn the cost full speed ahead.  My problem with the whole hotel issue is the lies and deceptions the mayor continues to spout.  But now they’re going to get their hotel, albeit not by a huge margin.  A 2095 vote margin of victory is not a mandate.  Almost as many people as supported it are against it.  Now Belo can sit back and watch their real estate holdings in that area soar in value, Leppert can funnel construction contracts to his friends in the industry, and when the hotel fails…and make no mistake about it, it will fail eventually…the Dallas taxpayers will be on the hook.  Of course, Leppert won’t have to worry about it because he’ll be out of office by that point.  Maybe I’m wrong, maybe me and all the hotel companies in the United States who didn’t fall over themselves to build the hotel, don’t know as much as leppert and ray hunt.  But I doubt it.


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