Blind Items

Stars are fun, but they can be very litigious.  Here are some blind items on some celebs.

which troubled star and her little sister were seen leaving the restroom of les deux the other night with their noses dripping coke.  bonus question, which stage mother was feeding the underage sister with drinks all night?
which a list star lost her husband to another a list star because she didn’t want to have a baby because it would get in the way of her coke habit?
which tv star  and his “hot male assistant” tried to pick me up on an airplane a few years ago?
which tv star who did pick me up in austin a few years ago got mad when I didn’t know who he was.
which local tv anchor came into a store I was working in once and stole a scarf.  “Um excuse me, are you going to pay for that? and can I have your autograph?”
which tatted up rocker lit up a joint in the private dining room of the restaurant I worked in a few years ago.  When I asked him to put it out he offered me a toke.
which star wore her sunglasses throughout dinner one night in that same restaurant, come to find out her playwright husband had been a little handsy the night before.

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