Today’s the Day

Today is the day…will our country turn away from the failed policies of the right wing and try something new, or will the republicans steal another election? If the unthinkable happens, here are some ways to console yourself:

1. Would an Obama presidency have been any different from the status quo? He says he’s progressive but he voted for the bailout, and what will happen when his ideals come up against the entrenched interests in washington? Would he simply be Clinton redux? You can bet the republicans would spend the next four years trying to Whitewater him to death and make him as ineffective as Clinton was for most of his presidency.

2. The republicans would be forced to clean up their mess in Iraq and in the financial markets. Let’s be real, the mess on Wall street and main street are from lax regulation and wink wink nudge from those in power for the last 8 years. For once maybe they should be forced to clean up their own mess.

3. After 4 years of president “country first” and vice-president “talleyban” we might be ready to elect Ralph Nader president…


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