Angry White People

CNN and other media outlets are FINALLY reporting on the anger and rage at McCain rallies by rabid republicans afraid they are about to lose the election.  One woman said to McCain, “I’ve read about Obama, he’s an Arab.”  Others talk about being scared that Obama may be the president, one woman saying she didn’t want to bring her unborn child into a country with him as the president.  McCain and Palin are stoking this type of behavior in one of the most disgraceful campaigns ever run in American politics (and that’s saying something). I’ve not always been a fan of Obama, I was a Hillary supporter until just after the convention, but this behavior by these right wing nut cases is making me support Obama even more.  These republicans talk about being mad that Obama is winning, well you know what, I’ve been mad for the last eight years, starting with the 2000 election they stole from Al Gore.  I’ve been mad since George Bush lied to us about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to fulfill some sick twisted sort of father son vendetta and invade a country and waste thousands of American and Iraqi lives.  I’ve been mad since we had to vote to spend $700 billion of our taxpayer funds to bail out the very people who are mad that Obama may be the next president.  So I say, if you’re mad, get used to it and get over it, just like you’ve been telling us to get over it for the last eight years.  And fuck you we’re winning.


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