Screw Them

So let me get this straight. The same businesses and corporations who for years have:

  1. Expected large corporate tax breaks and incentives to either move to other cities or move their jobs overseas and put people out of work
  2. Fought any legislation that would increase the minimum wage to a living wage so the people who do have jobs can live decently
  3. Fought regulations that would keep the workplace safe so workers in dangerous jobs don’t have to fear losing a limb or their life
  4. Fought any effort to create a national healthcare system or to regulate insurance companies and health care prices so their workers can have decent health care
  5. Voted en masse for Repbulicans so they could keep the fallacy of laissez faire economics alive
  6. For years expected profits to be privatized and losses to be socialized
  7. Fought any regulation that would have prevented this crisis in the first place
  8. Fought for lower taxes for corporations and the extremely wealthy
  9. Contributed to the largest disparity between rich and poor of any industrialized nation in the world

These are the same people who are expecting the American taxpayers to bail them out of the mess they have created themselves? They expect US to spend approximately $2300 each of our money to make sure they have credit to continue to run their businesses?

I say screw them. Until we get national health care, a living wage for everyone, a fair tax system that taxes the rich rather than the poor and more regulation to keep this from happening again, they should get NOTHING!! I say let them fail and maybe if they have to struggle a little like normal people they will have a little more empathy for the common man.


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